Agents de recouvrement pour la compagnie Knecht & Müller

Agents de recouvrement pour la compagnie Knecht & Müller La GRC est sur le coup… On a beau le dire et le répéter, lorsqu'une offre d'emploi est trop belle, trop bien payée et permet de travailler à partir de la maison… ça sent pas bon. Il y en a toujours quelques un pour se faire "plumer" à ce petit jeu. La GRC a d'ailleurs dû émettre un communiqué le mois dernier à ce sujet, de nombreuses plaintes ayant été enregistrées suite à l'affichage sur plusieurs sites emploi des postes d'Agents de recouvrement pour la compagnie Knecht & Müller (qui n'a absolument rien à voir dans le coup). Il faut reconnaitre que c'est relativement bien fait… On pouvait consulter un clone du site Internet de Knecht & Müller (sur et non pour en savoir plus sur l'employeur…

L'offre d'emploi ressemble à cela:Debt Collector in Canada – (US-FL-Panama City) Min Education: High School Job Type: Full TimeEmail this job to a friend Knecht & Muller AG offers a part-time position. Debt Collector in Canada. Job is part-time and you are free to work from anywhere, we are not providing office space. Tasks will include: -Processing of debt payments from Canada companies -Reporting and receiving further instructions from our accounting -Candidates must have no criminal records. -Wages are transaction based, average monthly wage $1800 – $3000. To apply please contact us at —- Please include Job Code: GW-0904031156 when applying for this job. Lorsque vous postulez vous recevez cela Roland Mettler– Debt Collector in Canada From: Roland Mettler To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: GeoWeb Response (B): Debt Collector in Canada Date: Sep 25, 2003 7:25 AM Attachments: contract.txt Dear Sir or Madam, INFORMATION ABOUT PART-TIME JOB We are Company in Europe specialized in Optical Equipment.

Some of our clients established business in Canada not so long ago and they are in need of our services not only in Europe, but in Canada also. Most of companies prefer to cover debts by local checks, but we are unable to collect on the checks in timely manner, as the checks take up to 2 months to clear. This delay is caused by lengthily clearing process of Canada Checks through Swiss banks. Our business requires fast cashflow, and therefore we are seeking a representative that can process local Canada checks for our company. It is easier for us to pay commission to our representative in Canada and have the money the next day than wait for 2 months. You will have to receive the payment from our creditor, deposit it into your account and once cleared, forward the amount of payment, less your commission and other transfer expenses, to us. You will forward the money by Western Union, which is the fastest way to send money worldwide, to one of our branches in Europe. We have branches in almost all European countries. We expect 3-4 payments a month to be forwarded through the representative, totaling no more then $10,000.00 each. All applicants must pass a background check, must have a bank checking account in good standing. Also, successful applicants must sign a Representative Service Contract with us.

The representative, pursuant to the contract, will not be liable for any taxes in the Canada. You will be transferring the money received from our creditors out of the country and therefore will not be liable for capital gains taxes. You will only be liable for your normal income tax on the commission received. Further in his employment with our company, the representative can take on other responsibilities and will be considered to be hired as a permanent representative of our company in Canada. Our beginning wage will depend on a number of transactions that the representative will assist us in. The fee paid per transaction is US $800, plus all if any fees encountered during the transaction. The fee is fixed at US $800, and does not depend on the size of the transaction. We expect a minimum of 3 transactions a month. A

t first would like to limit it to one transaction. When we see that everything is going fine, we will increase the number of transactions and start normal work. There is no regular wage, the wage depends on the number of transactions executed. The number of transactions depends on how fast and accurate you will perform. We expect high level of communication, fast feedback and accurate situation reporting. There are no investments required from you. If in the process of work you will encounter any additional expenses, they will be covered by us from the checks that you will receive from our creditors. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO ASK THROUGH If you do not have any other questions, and you would like to apply for this position please take the following steps:

1. Print, fill in and sign the attached contract.

2. Fax it to our USA Fax number (877)862-2104 toll free in Canada, please include any type of ID that has your photo and name. It could be your driver's license, passport or any other ID. If you don't have them right now, we can do the background check also by having photocopy of your SSN card. If you don't have anything of these items on hands right now(for example lost or waiting for replacement), then your latest phone bill is also ok, but it must include your name and address.

3. After you have done this, please contact our Chief Accountant/Treasurer Carlos Walser at — Human Resources Department Knecht & Muller AG Tel: +41 (1) 274 26 62 Fax: +41 (1) 274 27 83 E M P L O Y M E N T C O N T R A C T THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this the ____ day of ___________, 2003, by and between Knecht & Muller AG, (Kamener Strasse 39 8153 Rumlang, Zurich, Switzerland), in the furtherance "Employer", and ______________________, in the furtherance "Employee". WHEREAS Employee identifies himself as _______________________________ residing at the following address:___________________________ with contact phone(s)________________________ WHEREAS Employee states that he's citizen or resident of Canada and his residence is in City of _________________, State of ______, Canada. He submits as verifications of these facts a true & accurate copies of his I.D. card (Driver's License or SSN Card) that are incorporated herein. WHEREAS Employer is liable both criminally and contractually to keep information (such as SSN or Driver's License numbers) confidentially. N O W T H E R E F O R E, FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and benefits to be derived by the parties, they do hereby agree to the following:

1. The employee is being hired as an Canada Representative to perform the following general duties: Payment processing/Debt collection representative.

2. Ending date of employment: Until termination with or without cause. Employee is paid all expenses for phone calls and work done, amount left shall be returned to Employer no later than within 2 months.

3. The Employee's compensation shall be paid and received at the time of the transaction: In the amount of US$ 800, plus all fees incurred during transaction.

4. This agreement may be terminated without notice by either party.

5. The Employee acknowledges that in the course of employment he may become aware of certain information about the Employer's operations or clients that is considered proprietary.

6. The Employee agrees not to disclose such information or use the information in any manner that might be harmful to the Employer's business for which Employee is liable both criminally & contractually to keep confidentially.

7. The Employer and it's Canada Creditors are responsible for all taxes payable to Canada Federal and State governments. The Employer is obliged to disclose all tax-related information immediately upon request of the employee. The Employer is also obliged to disclose such information as becomes necessary to the employee for completion of the transaction if such information will be requested from the banks, money transfer services or Canada Federal or State authorities. 8. No modification or amendments shall be made to this contract unless it(they) are in writing and executed by both parties. THIS IS THE WHOLE AND ONLY AGREEMENT (CONTRACT) BETWEEN THE CONTRACTING PARTIES. FOR THE Knecht & Muller AG: FOR THE EmPLOYEE :____________ Roland Mettler E M P L OY E E Pour voir ce que dit la compagnie Knecht & Müller (la vraie)

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